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Touchstone Tarot was published by Kunati who unfortunately closed due to the global economic crisis in September 2009. It comes as a luxury, gilt-edged deck with a small companion book and a sturdy hinged box to store them in.

It is available at Tarot Connection and Tarot Garden, and will continue to be available for some time despite the publisher's closing their doors.

The 'Limited Edition' of Touchstone Tarot was published in August 2008 and has sold out. See

Incense - You can also order more supplies of the beautiful Divination Blend incense that came with the Limited Edition at, as well as a whole lot more wonderful products.

You can buy Kat's first deck Golden Tarot at Amazon.

If you're after unusual decks that are difficult to get hold of, I highly recommend

If you bought a copy of the Limited Edition of Touchstone Tarot and haven't yet registered it, email Kat at this website to be included in the 'LE Family' for special offers.